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Panterkin Helenfold Infiniti Brilliant

Our baby Panterkin Helenfold Infiniti Brilliant became the best junior in the breed in Thailand in 2019! Congratulations to its owners and wish further success!

15.05.2019 Q...Helenfold

On May 15, 2019 we gave birth to kittens from SFL f 2403 Enigma Skyefolds of Helenfold and SCS d 03 Garfild Helenfold.


28.04.2019 P...Helenfold

For a light holiday of Easter to us the Stork flied!

28.04.2019 Highland-fold Oksana Helenfold Infinite Brilliant and the Scottish Fold of Garfild Helenfold for the first time became parents of 3 boys!


We have two small news!

Cat male!

In our nursery the new producer