Nursery of the Scottish cats of "Helenfold". There is it to Ulyanovsk. Nursery and all animals are registered in WCF RU-0170 2164-2011/11062.73.  Also some of our cats are registered according to the CFA.

I Elena Tsareva am instructor-felinologist and I have the corresponding diploma. Regularly I attend trainings and seminars.

I together with the husband took care of cats in 2008. Our first kid, now the eunuch, Leon Golden Pride appeared at home as a hobby, but became a true star. Many thanks to Shipunova Margarita Ulyanovsk for this miracle and for the fact that she acquainted us with such happiness as a felinologiya!

In 2014 we changed the breeding program of nursery, at the moment we grow and we develop) we in a sovladeniye had Bagautdinova Maria's cats Samara. Also the modern history began)

Kittens from couple of Coupari Tennessee William and Skyefold's Enigma of Helenfold became the business card of nursery.

We regularly attend exhibitions of various systems, our animal 3 years in a row were participants of rating of Top-cat (The best junior of an opposite sex in breed in 2014, the Best dung in breed in 2015. The best veteran of an opposite sex of 2016, 2018)