Our exhibitions

02-03 November 2019

Kazan International Exhibition

Panterkin Helenfold Infinite Brilliant - 2 CAJ Ex1, nom Bis, Best Junior, WCF Young 2/18, LH Show 2/13, Cat Show 2/10

October 12-13, 2019

International exhibition in Kazan.

Panterkin Helenfold Infinite Brilliant - WCF ring - 1 and 5 place, LH show - 3 place, CACP nom BIS both days, BOB1 and BOB2 kitten

September 28-29, 2019

WCF exhibition in Volgograd

Panterkin Helenfold Infinite Brilliant - WCF 3,4, fun 2,8. Best Kitten

August 17-18, 2019

International exhibition in Samara

Our kitten Panterkin Helenfold Infiniti Brilliant received excellent descriptions of experts Irina Gorynova and Elena Lyckevich. In its 3.5 months - 2 CACP, 2 nom BIS, show LH/SLH 8th place, show cats - 10th place. Both shows compete with young and adult animals

October 06-07, 2018

Anniversary international exhibition of cats in Ulyanovsk

Oksana Helenfold Infinite Brilliant - 2 CAJ Ex1, nom Bis

Leon Golden Pride -  2 Best Veteran, SS Best Veteran

May 19-20, 2018

The MFA exhibition to Ulyanovsk

March 24-25, 2018

The international exhibition to Cheboksary

Olympia Helenfold Infinite Brilliant - 2 Nom BIS 2 CACp

November 25-26, 2017


New Star Helenfold Infinite Brilliant - Best of Best opposite Sex SLH, nom BIS, 2 САС Ех1


September 10-11, 2016.

International exhibition of cats in Ulyanovsk

Leon Golden Pride -  2 Best Veteran, 2 SS Best Veteran

New Star Helenfold Infinite Brilliant - Best opposite Kitten, WCF ring V и VI, SS Best Kitten, SS Best of Breed

July 23-24, 2016

The international exhibition on July 23-24, 2016 in Nizhny Novgorod

Nightwish Helenfold Infinite Brilliant - Best Baby, Best Baby of Breed!

April 02-03, 2016

TOP CAT FINAL 2015 Penza. M...Helenfold Infinite Brilliant the best litter in breed following the results of 2015

Miron Helenfold Infinite Brilliant - 2 CACj Ex1 nom Bis